1st Period

  Advanced 7th Grade

(8th grade Math)

Student Information Sheet


Welcome to 8th Grade Math!

Welcome to an exciting and challenging year in Mathematics!  This class is designed to bridge the gap from what you have previously learned in mathematics to where you are going in high school.  We will be focusing on number theory, expressions and equations, functions, geometry and some statistics.  Some of the topics we will study have applications that you will able to apply now, however, many topics will provide a stepping stone to more advanced mathematic and science.

Preparation for high school will be a central focus of this year.  This class will be run with the pacing, workload and expectations similar to what you will be doing next year in your mathematics class.   This is the best way to prepare you so that you have a successful start in high school.   Good study habits, organization, homework completion and test preparation are the foundations to build your confidence in school.

The equation of success in this class is simple:

Hard work + Commitment + Positive Attitude = Success

Did my homework,

asked questions when I was unsure,

and studied for the test

   Got a Good Grade!


Grades are set up to reflect your progress as a student.  Grades will be set up in the following categories:

  •        40% Tests
  •        40%  Assignments
  •        10% Participation and Tribes Activities

        10% Index Card Notes


Go to the website https://grav.schoolwise.com  to log in and check your progress.  Grades will be updated every two weeks or less.  This class uses the following grading scale:

A=90-100%        B=80-89%     C=70-79%    D=60-69%    F=below 60%


Please bring the following to class everyday.


  • GO Math Book
  • 2 Pencils (mechanical preferred)
  • Eraser
  • Red Pen/Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Graph Paper (by November)
  • Lined Paper
  • Homework Planner



In this class, you will be given a weekly assignment schedule.  This is very similar to what your teachers will be doing next year in high school.  On the assignment schedule you can see what the daily warm-up is, what lesson we will be doing each

We will be using the Chromebooks to do many of your assignments online at https://my.hrw.com/.  The new math books have a program that keeps track of your work and sends me the results.  

In addition to online assignments, we will have paper and book assignments daily.  Just like in sports or music, you must practice mathematics in order to improve.  Daily completion of assignments is very important for developing good study habits.  Remember: When working at home, find a quiet place to work where you can concentrate on the assignment.

        Unless we are correcting assignments, all work in this class should be done in pencil only. To earn full credit for your work on paper and book assignments, make sure you are meeting the following expectations:

Paper and Book Assignment Expectations:


  • Attempt all questions
  • Show all work neatly and clearly
  • Circle or Box answers
  • Re-work any incorrect answers


        If you were unable to answer some questions, try to figure them out!  Use the internet, ask someone for help, or call a classmate.  If you have done this and still are struggling, make contact with me before class starts by sending me an email  or leaving me a voice message.  This class moves too quickly for you to play catch up and learn new material at the same time.

        Late work is only accepted for an EXCUSED LATE from an absence.  If you were absent the day it was assigned or due, you may turn in the assignment for full credit by the following Monday.  If you are missing an assignment and were here the day it was assigned and here the day it was due and made no contact with me prior to class regarding the work, it is considered unexcused late work.   

To turn in UNEXCUSED LATE WORK, you need a “late work pass”.  Only one of these will be give out to you each trimester, therefore it is important for you to stay on top the work and your grades.  Don’t let missing work lower your grade, complete all of your assignments!


Tests and Quizzes will be given regularly to monitor your progress and check your understanding of the concepts.  You will be given advanced notice of Module tests and quizzes on your assignment sheet.   If you are absent the day before a test or quiz, you are still expected to take the test.

Good Test Preparation:

Complete all homework on time

Re-work any missed questions on assignments

Set out at least one full page (front/back) of practice questions before the test



Participation is an important part of your success in this class.  I enjoy hearing from ALL students and try to give you many opportunities to contribute in class.  

Here are some suggestions that help you earn points towards your  participation grade.

  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Speak at the appropriate time
  • Answer a question in your seat or at the board
  • Volunteer to help others
  • Complete an additional assignment
  • Help out in the classroom


The following classroom policies are set up to make this a positive place to be.  Please follow and respect the following:


Classroom Policies

  • Every student has the right to learn without unnecessary interruption.
  • The teacher has the right to teach without unnecessary interruption.
  • People and property enjoy the right to remain unharmed.  Give respect to people and property.


  • Raise your hand to speak during class discussions and respectfully listen to who is speaking.
  • Ask permission to leave your seat.
  • Any problem that arises from someone not respecting the class environment will be dealt with immediately with a conference, detention, call home and/or referral.
  • Arrive to class on time prepared to work.
  • If you have permission to have a cell phone at school it must be switched OFF, not on vibrate.  CD players, MP3s or cameras must be kept safely at home.
  • Cheating:   All work that is turned in must be your own.  Minor offenses will result in loss of credit for the assignment.  More serious cases will result in parent contact and/or referral.
  • Take care of your personal needs before class.  Trips from class will be limited.
  • Food, drink, and gum attract mice and insects.  For this reason, food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the classroom. You may bring a water bottle, but it must be filled up at break time.



If you are absent, follow the schedule the best you can.  Work missed due to an absence can be made up and turned in by the following Monday.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your work and turn in assignments on time.  Be aware of what is coming up in class.  Find one, two (or three!) “Homework Partners”. Exchange phone numbers with the other students and call them when you are unsure about assignments for class.  Be sure to write down the contact number in your student planner or another safe place you will remember.

My homework partners:   1) ___________________________________  

                                       2) ___________________________________

Assignment Sheets and useful links will also be posted on the website www.hillcrestmath.wordpress.com .



I expect to have an educational and challenging year.  If at any time during the year you are having difficulties, let me know!  I am here to help you and support you in a successful year of mathematics!


Mrs. Jex-Lewis